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Elevate your wedding day with the timeless beauty of live music from Alerion Strings. We offer flexible hourly bookings, allowing you to customize the music for each part of your special day, whether it's for the ceremony or the full day.


With our wedding string quartet, you can tailor your playlist with a wide range of musical genres, from classical to contemporary .​Our quartet seamlessly transitions between indoor and outdoor venues, provided there's suitable shelter.


We take pride in our acoustic excellence, creating a warm, emotive tone without electronic amplification.​Make your wedding unforgettable by contacting Alerion Strings today. Let's work together to create lasting memories filled with love and elegance on your big day.​

  • Easy Hourly booking - Flexible and easy to accommodate your special day

  • Full choice of music from our wide repertoire + Two free custom transcriptions!

  • Indoor or outdoor playing (if cover provided) to add music to any part of your day.




Elevate your event with our versatile string quartet, adding elegance and musical charm to any occasion. From intimate dinners to lively parties, we offer flexible hourly bookings to set the perfect mood.​Tailored Soundtrack: Our quartet adapts to your event's theme and diverse musical tastes, spanning classical, contemporary, film themes like "Harry Potter" and "Titanic," TV classics like "Game of Thrones", soulful jazz, or timeless classics.


​Acoustic Excellence: We're a fully acoustic String Ensemble, accommodating indoor and outdoor venues with ease. No technical setups needed. Whether it's a garden party, covered patio, or grand ballroom, our music enhances the ambiance, bringing an exquisite touch to your event.​

  • Wide selection of repertoire - Film/TV, Popular, classical, Popular,  Traditional and Bollywood to make any themed event unforgettable. 

  • Flexible hourly Booking

  • Fully Acoustic Ensemble - No large equipment or wires needed!



Enhance your corporate event with our seasoned and professional string quartet. We bring sophistication and professionalism to your gathering, whether it's a gala, conference, or team-building retreat.


  • ​Professional Excellence: Our string quartet comprises highly skilled professionals who deliver precision and impeccable timing, setting a high standard for your event.


  • Tailored Aesthetic: We adapt to your event's theme and brand identity, ensuring our performance seamlessly matches your vision.​Energizing Your Event: We can infuse energy and enthusiasm, from networking sessions to awards ceremonies, making your event memorable.


  • Flexible Hourly Bookings: Easily book us to meet your needs, simplifying the process and allowing you to control our performance duration.


​Contact us today for a memorable musical experience tailored to your corporate event's vision. Your attendees will remember the exceptional music long after the event concludes!


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